Samsung E1200T Keypad Hang Fix Solution

Just see the band-aid examination beneath for it shows which apparatus needs to be analysis and alter if the there is No Keypad Working on buzz or Keypad botheration of the Samsung E1080 goes wrong.
 This band-aid may advice if you already done a software arrangement adjustment and approved replacing the Keypad film but the botheration continues.

Do these solutions footfall by step.
 This band-aid may advice for a baptize or wet damaged and accidentally, heavily alone phones.
 The Botheration action because of adulterated Keypad film or bad it’s affiliation to the Mobile Phone’s PCBA Motherboard.

You Can Use any charwoman aqueous for this purpose like CTC or any added you prefer.

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Here’re some hints on fixing the MIC problem: 

1. Please check Your Phone Keypad Line
2. Check Samsung E1200T Keypad Part And Replac
3.Samsung E1200T Keypad Line jumper Tested Solution
4.Samsung E1200T KeypadWays Problem Repair
5.Samsung E1200T Keypad 100% Fix

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