Reasons of Problem
Samsung SM-J120H Power Key Ways On-Off Button Jumper Solution

Try to use another working charger.Samsung SM-J120H
Check, clean or replace the charging pin connector if oxidized.Samsung SM-J120H
Clean the charging pin connector terminal contact pads.Samsung SM-J120H
Check/ replace the fuse and the chip diode.Samsung SM-J120H
Check/replace the highlighted transistor, resistors and capacitor.Samsung SM-J120H
If the above procedure won’t fix the problem, the possible faulty Charging IC.Samsung SM-J120H
Reheat, rework charging ic, replace if necessary Samsung SM-J120H

Samsung SM-J120H Power Key  Problem Tested Solution
Samsung SM-J120H Power Key Problem Ic Jumper Solution
Samsung SM-J120H Power Key Problem Problem Done
Samsung SM-J120H Power Key Problem Tested Solution
Samsung SM-J120H Power Key Problem Track Jumper Tested solution

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