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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

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Solution in this article is for Samsung Galaxy J100 Insert Sim problem. So if your phone in not charging solution diagram in this post can be helpful to you.

If your buzz is baptize damaged and if you acquisition any blooming carbons on Sim agenda terminal acquaintance pads, you charge apple-pie them.
 Note: accomplish abiding that sim terminals are altogether affix with acquaintance pads.
 Then, analysis the agglutinate resistor and filers application muti-meter, change them if it shows abbreviate or damage. again analysis the two acquaintance pads of sim agenda are affiliated to fuse-resistor and filters.
 If it not connected, you should put two jumpers to fuse-resistor and filters from the terminal acquaintance pads.

Repair for Samsung Galaxy J100 Insert Sim Problem

Try to use another working charger.Samsung Galaxy J100 Insert Sim
Check, clean or replace the charging pin connector if oxidized.Samsung Galaxy J100 Insert Sim
Clean the charging pin connector terminal contact pads.Samsung Galaxy J100 Insert Sim
Check/ replace the fuse and the chip diode.Samsung Galaxy J100 Insert Sim
Check/replace the highligted transistor, resistors and capacitor.
If the above procedure won’t fix the problem, the possible faulty Charging IC.
Reheat, rework charging ic, replace if necessary.

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